Features + Finishes

48 energy efficient and BUILT GREEN® platinum certified condos in West Kelowna. You’ll feel at home with features like walk-in closets, quartz countertops and much more!

Suite Features

48 limited condos with progressive BUILT GREEN® platinum construction, 53% better than code to be exact, featuring solar energy to power common areas.

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Triple Pane Windows

For improved temperature and sound comfort.

Washer & Dryer

With a little extra room for storage.

Walk In Closets

Throw out the dresser for most bedrooms.

Sit Up Quartz Countertop

Choose from two colour schemes and one upgrade option.

Stainless Steel Appliances

Energy star and stainless steel complete with low flow/chrome plated fixtures.

NEO Condos Solar Power Construction

BUILT GREEN® Platinum Certified

A BUILT GREEN® home offers benefits for the homeowner, starting with increased affordability. Homes certified through Built Green Canada address energy efficiency and then go beyond to include the preservation of natural resources, reduction of pollution, ventilation and air quality, and the improvement of home durability. This means monthly water, electricity, and gas bills are lowered; fewer fix-its and renovation costs to anticipate; and premium mortgage insurance rebate eligibility.

BUILT GREEN® builders take a holistic approach to sustainable building, so there is also focus on ventilation and air quality —important factors in reducing stress on the respiratory and immune systems. For those with allergies, benefits can be significant. An air-tight home has a reduction of drafts, cold spots, and temperature variance from room to room—and a well-ventilated home removes allergens, so you have healthier air to breathe and less dust to clean.

Colour Scheme

Please ask our team about all customizable options.

Colour Options
Rise  |  Elevate

Energy Efficient

Energy star and stainless-steel appliances, low flow/stainless steel/chrome plated bathroom fixtures, high efficiency mechanical systems, recirculation lines for near-instantaneous hot water, LED common area lighting, and exterior LED lighting with photocell.

Central Air System

Hot Water